Saturday, 19 April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5: Top 10 hidden features that you likely don't know about

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been on sale for exactly one week, and the Korean company’s famed advertising machine has, for the duration, been in full flow. In a move to help owners accustom themselves to the Galaxy S5 – as well as to try and convince fence-sitters that its latest and greatest handset is the one for them – Samsung has detailed a list of ten ‘hidden’ features of its latest and greatest smartphone.

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Now, if you’re a regular user of Samsung devices and just so happen to be a dab-hand with TouchWiz, then it’s unlikely that you’ll consider many, if any of these features to be hidden at all. But hey, no matter how experienced you are with a particular handset, there’s always something new to be learned, and so even if you feel confident that you know all there is to know about the Galaxy S5, you might be surprised once you run through the checklist.

The list is, if anything, more of a show-reel of the device’s features, and so while its presents itself as a help-out to those who’ve just picked up the Galaxy S5, it’s also clearly a ploy to show off the broad range of features that the company has managed to pack into its shiny new device.

Beginning with showing users how they can interact the device in Note-like fashion by tapping or drawing on it using a standard pencil, the round-up then goes on to showcase an interesting music-related feature whereby a custom playlist is created for music lovers purely by tilting the device. Even though this may seem like a minor or even gimmicky feature, it must be noted that when you’ve lost yourself in the music, the last thing you want to do is begin sorting out your queue, but with this nifty feature, a tailored list of tracks is created based upon the song you’re currently enjoying.

The list also insights Toolbox, Private Mode, and Kids Mode, as well as offering a bit of an insight into the myriad of new camera functions and options available.

Much more in the full article here.