Thursday, 15 October 2015

Xiaomi Mi USB Fan extremely portable and lightweight

The Xiaomi Mi USB Fan comes in white and blue color options with a flexible frame and is powered by a standard USB port, which means it can be plugged into any USB charger, a computers' USB port, or indeed any power bank with a USB port.

Xiaomi Mi, Xiaomi Mi USB Fan

The company touts that the USB Fan works at just 25.8 decibels and can be paired with Xiaomi's Power Banks as well.

The Mi portable fan comes with a body that has a motor and a USB port. The plastic blade needs to be attached to the top. It has a flexible body, similar to the Mi LED Light.

The fan consists of the USB cable with motor and the detachable fan blades; the USB cable can be plugged into a laptop or a portable charger. It only makes 25.8db of noise, says the company.

Xiaomi claims that the Mi USB Fan can be used continuously for up to 20 hours when plugged into a 5000mAh power bank or offer up to 38 hours when plugged with a 10400mAh power bank, and up to 62 hours when plugged into a 16000mAh power bank.

Xiaomi Mi USB Fan Features:

  • Extremely portable and lightweight: Even more compact with disassembled, perfect for taking it on-the-go.
  • Sounds like a gentle breeze: At 25.8db, the ultra-quiet Mi USB Fan sounds just like a gentle breeze.
  • Mix and match: The standard USB port pairs not only with Mi Power Banks, but desktops, laptops, car chargers and any other USB interfance. Simply plug in to feel the breeze!
  • Ultra-low power consumption. Can be used for up to 62 hours when paired with a Mi Power Bank.
  • Made of high qualiy envirnmentally friendly silicone that feels smooth to the touch.

Xiaomi Mi USB Fan Review video from YouTube: