Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Longbar Ring: The world's smallest input device

Longbar Ring, A Japanese company has created a smart ring that empowers wearers to rule them all – their smartphone, smart home appliances, Google Glass, smartwatch and a variety of digital-enabled interactions, to be more precise.

Longbar, Longbar Ring, Smart Ring

Developments in smart home technology look to provide the user with the convenience of controlling everything within the home without the need to lift a finger. The concept of Ring comes very close to that ideal situation.

How to use Longbar Smart Ring:

Put the Ring on your index finger, tap the small button on the device and start gesturing your finger in the air to do things like take a photo, control your phone’s music player, write a tweet, turn on your TV and check the weather, among many other things. It connects to your smartphone, Google Glass or smartwatch via Bluetooth.

Wearers can set their own custom gestures for their ring – or, as the website puts it, “Create your own gestures and become the Ring master!” The device also comes with equipment to adjust the size of the zinc-coated ring and a battery stand that looks similar to a finger.

According to Logbar, The Ring includes a micro vibrator, a 6-axis, acceleration angular speed motion sensor and a touch sensor. The device also features EEPROM memory and a built-in wireless device firmware update system.

The battery of the device is a built-in lithium-polymer 3.7-volt battery, and promises a continuous usage time of about one to three days. The continuous standby time of the device's battery is about 18 days, with the charging time to fully charge the device at about three hours.

Longbar Ring Shortcut Everything You Need video from YouTube: