Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Choose Strong and Secure Password: Useful Tips to a Good Password

We are using internet in almost every field like online shopping, blogging, online banking, business, online ticket booking, dating, chatting, entertainment and much more. Everywhere we use passwords or PINs (personal identification numbers) in various tasks. But, choosing a weak password or not keeping it confidential is an ineffective as not having any password at all. So here given some common but useful strong and secure password choosing tips.

Strong Password, Secure Password

Keep password length long:

Smaller passwords are also easier to hack as they need lesser combinations and permutations of characters and can b cracked using the brute force software. Passwords start to become strong at six characters long but eight characters or more is good. A long password really helps to slow down brute force hacker attacks.

Start With a Base Word Phrase:

A good password starts with a base word phrase. You can also try a short phrase and use symbols or numbers instead of spaces. Don’t forget to use capital letters. For example ‘Put up or shut up’ becomes ‘Put!Up@Or#Shut$Up’. You can also type the sentence backwards like ‘putuhsroputup’. These tricks can make the password difficult to guess.

Scramble the Phrase:

Scrambling does not necessarily mean rearranging the letters. The less readable the password, the greater are the chances anyone guessing it. Using the special characters like @#$@$%#, in your passwords will make them more difficult to guess. Using both the small and capital letters adds another layer of security.

Change Your Password Regularly:

You should rotate your passwords as a matter of good computer hygiene. If you are using different passwords for different websites, you can do yourself a favor by rotating portions of your passwords every few weeks. It is better to create fresh passwords for login IDs. It means that passwords once used should not be repeated for a particular login.

Note: There is no such thing as a perfect password.