Thursday, 29 March 2012

SanDisk microSD 32GB card: Tips to find out fake flash memory cards

Many new gadgets are entering in the market everyday. Everyone need store many of their personal and important data in via flash memory cards.

Sandisk microSD, Flash Memory Cards

So they are looking for a big memory space in their flash memory cards and most of the latest devices allow expanding memory up to 32 GB.

The SanDisk microSD cards are among the most trusted and used cards in the market. But beware before buy a Sandisk microSD 32GB card, around thirty percent of the SanDisk memory cards available in the market are fake.

How to find fake flash memory cards:

Sandisk microSD, Flash Memory Cards  Sandisk microSD, Flash Memory Cards

Here few tips to help you find out fake flash memory cards.

One good way to avoid being scammed is to buy your flash memory cards from Amazon, (not the marketplace). Amazon products are usually verified at source, so you can be assured that the SanDisk you buy is actually a real one.

eBay is a lottery, and chances are you’ll lose, as the percentage of fakes on there is usually significant.

The Packaging: The original pack of SanDisk microSD is sealed and cannot be split open whereas the fake one will have its edges pasted.

The Barcode: Use an iPhone you can check the Barcode on the back of the packet. Check if the details of the Barcode are correct or not.

Internal details: Open the pack and check the card. An authentic card must have an identity of the country in which the card has been manufactured along with a serial number. These details can not be a fake SanDisk cards.

The Dealers: Many people just to save a small amount of money while the memory card to buy from unauthorized dealers. Always buy from an authorized dealer only a SanDisk memory card.